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New functionality for Sympl

The Sympl command line now has support for managing FTP configurations across all branches of Sympl. This was pushed to the testing branch some time ago, after some hard work implementing it by contributor Doug Targett, but only just reached stable for Buster and Stretch along with a number of unrelated bugfixes. Secondly, In a […]

Migrating from Symbiosis

A few people have asked about what the process would be to migrate websites, email and so-on from a server running Symbiosis to a server running Sympl. The process is surprisingly easy, and is practically the same for migrating sites between servers running Sympl, as Sympl has full backward compatibility.

The Sympl Roadmap for 2020

2019 was a very busy year for Sympl, with the project originally being forked from Symbiosis on March 15th, initial alpha tests were in April, beta testing and sponsorship from Mythic Beasts in June, a stable release for both Debian Stretch and Debian Buster released in July, and updated Let’s Encrypt support being added in […]

Sympl now supports ACMEv2

As of this morning, Sympl now supports the ACMEv2 API in the stable version, and all installations will be automatically updated to support it. Sympl development is ongoing, with the next version using OctoDNS to allow users to use a range of DNS providers, and enabling wildcard SSL support. As before, huge thanks to Mythic […]

Sympl for Debian Buster

Just a quick note to mention that I’m aiming for Sympl v10.0 to be out by or very shortly after the stable release of Debian Buster, and I expect both the Stretch (9.x) and Buster (10.x) release will be supported and updated until their respective end-of-lifes.

Sympl is ready for beta testing!

A huge amount of work has gone into it, and now Sympl is ready for beta testing. As before, you shouldn’t run this in production (yet) but it should operate mostly the same as Symbiosis did. With a fresh Debian 9 server, run these commands and you should end up with machine running Sympl: wget […]

Sympl is now installable

After a good few evenings work reverse-engineering things and applying fixes, Sympl now builds and can be installed, however, it’s still very much in an alpha state, so it shouldn’t be used in a production environment! If you are feeling adventurous, then you can install it on a clean (disposable) Debian Stretch Virtual Machine, by […]

The Roadmap

The initial focus will be to ensure I can get automatic builds working for Debian ‘Stretch’, allowing quick and easy changes without breaking any of the current features. Once that has been completed, the existing command line functionality, packages and so on will be renamed and updated to use a new syntax wrapper, whilst keeping […]

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