Easy to use self-hosting of websites and email on Linux servers.

Easy to understand

Configuration is done by creating directories and files, no complicated configuration editing needed, just upload and go.

Automatic Encryption

HTTPS is automatically enabled for all websites, using free Let's Encrypt certificates, which also secure email.

Full Email support

Support for IMAP and POP3 mailboxes, with forwarding, quotas, server-side message rules and user password changes.

Works with you

Configurations are all built from templates, and you're free to make custom changes, which Sympl won't overwrite.

Secure by Design

Sympl automatically updates configurations to match best practices, and is backed by security updates from the Debian project.

Reduced Management

Spend less time looking after your server - Sympl automatically checks for any problems with the server and self-heals.

Sympl is a collection of open-source scripts and templates which allow you to automatically and efficiently configure your website and email on a server running the industry-standard Debian Linux.

Configured by creating files in directories via SSH or SFTP, it uses template-based configurations following best-practices and decades of system administration experience to make configuring and maintaining full Web Hosting 'LAMP' and Email stacks trivial.

Forked from Symbiosis by a System Administrator who supported it across hundreds of servers for multiple years, it maintains the easy to understand configuration methods of its parent but adds features and functionality you'd expect from modern hosting packages, with a focus on security and maintainability.

Sympl benefits from the security updates from the Debian Security team, and automatically applies security updates daily, with Long Term Support from Debian for 5 years or more, and if it comes to it, it's easy to migrate your website and email to a new server.

Finally, Sympl is under continuous development, and has an active, supportive, community, and even updates itself automatically, providing new functionally as time goes on.

It's available now for Debian Stretch, Buster and Bullseye at no cost, and will run happily on Dedicated or Virtual servers, and even the Raspberry Pi.

Sympl Includes:
Web Server
Database Server
Free SSL Certificates
IMAP and POP3 Mailboxes
FTP Server
Self Monitoring
Automatic Updates
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